Titan™ Crucible Technology.

Performance, Versatility and Efficiency. Our Titan line of Effusion Cells and Crucible Systems will enhance the performance of your MBE Reactor.

Key features include:

  • Modular Design Provides Added Design Flexibility which allows the Replacement of either the Reservoir, Aperture, Baffles or Orifice
  • Crucibles are Machined and Treated Allowing for Tighter Tolerances than CVD-Grown Crucibles
  • Films Grown Using TitanTM Crucibles Exhibit Excellent Uniformity with Extremely Low Defect Levels
  • Thermal and Surface Properties of Titan Crucibles Require Less Strenuous operation of Effusion Cells
  • Easily Loaded, Cleaned and Re-used
  • Fits Virtually All Research and Production Reacto

Crucibles made of PBN and Other Materials

E-Science supplies most standard PBN crucibles along with crucibles made from other refractory materials such as pyrolytic graphite, alumina, beryllia, tantalum and tungsten.