• E-Science has developed a new valved effusion cell for doping applications. A valved effusion cell can help protect delicate source material from exposure to the MBE environment.

  • The new 18 cc High Temperature Effusion Cell is carefully optimized for maximum capacity and excellent uniformity in 3 and 4 inch MBE systems

Innovative Technology for Material Deposition

GaP Valved
Titan Effusion Cell

The E-Science GaP Valved Titan Effusion Cell generates a high purity P2 flux accomplished through the decomposition of the GaP compound.
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Extended Capacity Titan Effusion Cell

Extended capacity Titan effusion cells and crucibles are designed for larger quantities of source material while maintaining optimal performance.
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Corrosion Shield
Crucible Lip Design

Our Corrosion Shield Technology was designed to shield the vulnerable end of your effusion cell from reflected corrosive source materials.
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